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LoMi Electronics is a team of Electronics Engineers able to develop electronics design starting from your idea. Based on few information we can translate them into specifications. A schematic model will follow and simulations will be performed. Several hardware solutions are evaluated to overcome any constraints and to improve reliability. Finally the PCB is designed following the best practice during the PCB layout routing (i.e. controlled impedance, signal analysis, lenght tuning, differential signaling, etc.). Furthermore, 3D models and check with mechanics are performed.

Schematic Design
Simulation & Problem Solving
PCB design & gerber generation
PCB assembly & Testing

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Our Services

Do you have an idea?

We can develop your idea under an NDA, discover and discuss constraints, perform market web analysis.

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Electronics Circuit Design

We can convert your idea with a real schematic circuit or analize your old designs.

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Electronics Simulations

Any trouble on your project? We are able to analize and resolve your mistake by simulation and best practice

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PCB Design

From schematic to the Printed Circuit Board design by using the best techniques and the best tools available on the market.

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Firmware development

Nowadays many digital boards are equipped with microcontroller and FPGA. By shifting more hardware features on the firmware side, helps you to improve the scalability, upgrades and performance of your products.

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Electrical Testing

At the end, in many cases, is important to perform some kind of tests. These can be on single component or on units and modules. Thanks to the use of MATLAB and LABVIEW is possible to perform advanced electrical tests.

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