High Voltage Monitoring and Distribution System

Figure 1 - HVMD Board


A power supply control and distribution unit has been designed to supply and split a 100V rail on three loads.

Using a Microchip 32 bit Micrcontroller (PIC32MZ), three Current and Voltage telemetries can be acquired through a 12-bit AD. Due to the high voltages, appropriate precautions have been taken: an High Voltage current sense (HV7801) has been implemenented to monitor current on the line with a buffer (AD8541) for conditioning the signals.


Figure 2 - HVMD Board Block Diagram


Six Relays up to 28V can be controlled and configuration status can be monitored externally. Two indipendent CAN bus channels are available with the possibility of setting the addresses externally.

All telemetries are shown on an 800x480 TFT touch display. It's equipped with a SSD1963 controller, and the graphic was developed under Harmony and Microchip Graphics Library suite. Thanks to an USB link, available thorugh the MCU, data on the screen are presented in a graphical user interface designed in LabVIEW. In addition, it is possibile to send commands through the double CAN bus and set/reset relays.

Figure 3 - Labview Telemetries and Commands


The board was designed on a multilayer rigid-flex PCB. In the following figures, Top and Bottom 3Ds are presented to show you the high integration between the mechanical parts (i.e. The TFT display and the rack connecttors) with the electronic board.


Figure 4 - Top PCB Board


Figure 5 - Bottom PCB Board