Automatic Test System for a Radio Frequency Unit

Figure 1 - RFU Test System


The Complete System is rack mounted and composed on several instruments:

  • A Rohde e Schwarz Signal Analyzer up to 40GHz (FSW-B24). Link
  • A Rohde e Schwarz 2 PortNetwork Analyzer up to 40Ghz (ZVA50) with Mixer Measure Option. Link
  • A Rohde e Schwarz Signal Generator up to 43,5GHz (SMF100) with 25dbm maximum output power. Link
  • A TDK-Lambda Power Supply 750W (GEN40-19). Link

    Custom Hardware has been delovepped in order to provide both digital and radiofrequency features:

  • A Radio Frequency Unit Communication board with a multi link RS-422 and ECSS BSD serial protocol (RFUc)

    Figure 2 - RFU Control Unit

  • A bidirectional Radio Frequency Switch 1 Pole 4 Through (1P4T) with USB control board, relative firmware and GUI
  • Figure 3 - 1 Pole 4 Transitions Switch Unit

  • The user interface is provided through the USB link in order to control the board and monitor the active switch
  • Three 1 Pole double through (3 x 1P2T) bidirectional Radio Frequency switch with a USB control board, relative firmware and GUI.
  • Figure 4 - Three 1 Pole 2 Transitions Switches Unit

  • The User interface provides an easy way to monitor and drive the three switches in all configurations.
  • Figure 5 - Labview Interface for Switch control


    All the instruments have been linked through the LAN switch to the PC and they can be programmed thanks to a user friendly graphical interface. All the parameters can be set through the PC program, in the same way as in the instruments front panel.


    Figure 6 - Labview Interface for all Instruments Control